Dale Co-operative Ltd is now closed

Dear Pledged Members & Friends of Dale Co-operative,

It is with immense regret that we must announce the closure of the Dale Co-operative venture, along with the limited company that we set up to drive it forward. There are many reasons for this decision but they are far too complicated to discuss here.

We are very grateful to everyone who pledged their time and money to the idea, and to all those who at various points offered their expert advice and / or moral support. But all of that will sadly no longer be needed. The plain fact of the matter is that we simply could not raise the levels of support required to make it a going concern.

Rochdale has many problems, as we all know, and it was our hope that this co-operative venture would 'take off'. But it simply wasn't to be. Perhaps others will have more success at driving forward Rochdale's fortunes in the future than we have.

Best wishes to you all,

The Dale Co-operative Committee